Thursday, January 1, 2015

2nd Christmas at Long Beach!

The day after Christmas - we went to Long Beach!

I don't care that it was overcast, or that it was slightly cold and windy  -it was BEEEAUTIFUL.

I lovvvve the beach!

And I also love this little chubby baby too.

So a little out of order here, but we did a family hike to Cape Disappointment Lighthouse. Got a little rained on.  And the kids were slightly cold....some were crying LOL.

(Grace and Elizabeth)

Somehow despite being rained on and cold, this guy is still happy. :) Hehe.

This guy....not so happy. In fact, he was screaming "I WANT TO GO BACK TO THE CAR!"

Christmas Onesies!!

Girls at the beach!

I sure hope he keeps his blue eyes...